About Me

About Me


Why Another Podcast For Trans Guys?

Why not!?

Hi There. I'm Kameron and am starting a podcast in April 2017. At that time I'll be 5 months on testosterone. I've learned a whole heck of a lot pre-T and am still learning a ton about transgender issues that trans men, specifically, encounter in this personal FTM journey. Many other trans guys have inspired me through podcasts, youtube videos, and articles on the internet. Each of us have our own unique story and personality. Since so many have helped me, I want to give back and help others!

So THERE. That's "why" 😉

Meet Kameron


Kameron Trumbo

Founder & Host

Kameron loves to inspire others. He started this site, the show, and shares his story on YouTube not just because he loves to hear his voice change, but because he loves to help others! Truly. Read Kameron's story here.