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This store offers various products like mugs, laptop cases, and notebooks.

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Can't get enough shirts? I feel ya! We also have baseball tees and tank tops!

Paying It Forward

As the Founder of Trans S.W.A.G. I'm fortunate enough to afford to purchase items to help me through my FTM transition. These items have been things like binders, packers, and even surgery (I have great insurance!).

However, as many of you know not all trans guys are this fortunate. The reason I'm selling products is to the profits from selling these items to help either purchase things for those who cannot afford it and as the show grows and more folks are buying items from the store, I'd love to assist in a surgery for a trans guy who cannot afford it.

So far I've given away a few packers, binders, and shirts. As more items sell, we can do more giveaways! Thanks already for all of you who've purchased something from the store.

Helping one another

Please send me an email if you have a need for an item so that when the funding is available Trans SWAG can do our best to help you.

If you happen to have a generous heart and simply want to be connected with a trans brother in need, email me what you're willing to donate or purchase and I'll make an introduction! Thanks Fellas!

Thanks Cole

This shirt looks great on you. Your purchase has helped!

Thanks Max

Yes, you are human too Max. You look super dope in this shirt!

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Appreciate you buying this shirt, bro. It looks great on you.

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Congrats Matt

Matt won this G2CB binder during a giveaway (thanks to customers buying merch from the Trans Swag Store).

Matt (@trashraccon_king) posted on Instagram saying "When I won this binder I was very happy and surprised"

Congrats Terrence!

Terrence won this shirt as a giveaway! Congrats Terrence. It looks good on you! Trans SWAG (Kameron) was only able to afford this giveaway because of the profits from sales made from the Trans SWAG Store, so THANK YOU to the customers who have purchased items from the store.

Thanks Aidan!

Thanks for purchasing this shirt Aidan! It looks good on you! I'm able to use the proceeds of your purchase for a future giveaway, so THANK YOU to you and those other customers who have purchased items from the store.