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Talking Phalloplasty With Cody Harman Episode 001

Talking Phalloplasty With Cody Harman Episode 001

Hey Guys! In this week’s show with Cody Harman on as the first guest, we talk about his recent phalloplasty. He’s a great guy, really funny, and you’ve gotta go check out his YouTube Channel!

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My First Steps to Transitioning FTM Episode 8

My First Steps to Transitioning FTM Episode 8

In this final episode of Season One I share my first steps in transitioning. I’m very much looking forward to season two when I’m able to talk with other FTM guys and continue the Trans SWAG fun.

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FTM Binding – Episode 4

FTM Binding – Episode 4

FTM Binding – EPISODE 4

In this week’s episode I talk about binding. I give you some advice and tips to help you not make the same mistakes I’ve made! I want to make sure you guys are binding properly! I care about you dudes.

The binder I recommended is from this website: https://www.gc2b.co/

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Choosing Your New FTM Name – Episode 3

Choosing Your New FTM Name – Episode 3

In this episode I talk about how guys can select their new FTM (female to male) name, as well as give tips on how you can pick your new name.

  • I talk about how/why I picked my name.
  • I discuss the term “Dead name” and my thoughts and feelings about it.


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My Coming Out Story – As A Trans Guy Episode 2

My Coming Out Story – As A Trans Guy Episode 2

Listen to my Coming out story by pressing play below.

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In this second episode I’m talking about coming out!
If you missed the first show where I share my story, you might want to listen to it first and then come back to this show.
Be sure you listen through the end because at the end of each episode I’m going to tell you how to enter to win a transgender flag.

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