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3 Stages of RFF Phalloplasty by Dr. Berli

3 Stages of RFF Phalloplasty by Dr. Berli

I share in this episode the 3 stages of RFF phalloplasy that Dr. Berli at OHSU is using. I plan to get through all 3 stages eventually.

As of 9/9/18 I still do not have a date of when I will begin stage one.

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Surprise Guest….In My Hotel Room!?

Surprise Guest….In My Hotel Room!?

You’ve heard me (Kameron) say Scout’s name several times as he is a patron of the show, but in this week’s episode he’s also the guest! While at the Philadelphia Transgender Wellness Conference Scout and I met and recorded this episode. He talks about his business, products, and the future of the products. Want to check out his store? Shop at Trans Guy Supply using my affiliate code by clicking HERE

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