Things Not To Say To A Transgender Man – Episode 7

Things Not To Say To A Transgender Man – Episode 7

In Episode 7 I share 8 things to not say/questions to not ask a transgender man.

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  1. Hey Thanks for great show. Just wanted to come ny on the talk of being called it as a pronoun on this episode. Ofcourse you should always be called by the pronoUn you prefer, and just wanted to remind that for alot of non-binary trans people that pronoun May be it. I know they is more use in english, but in alot of landinger tje equivalent to it is a very community use pronomen for the non-binary. So it didn’t feel so nice to hear the general negative comments about it as not being a valid pronoun or a real person. For those of us who prefer it we have definetly see as a totally useable pronoUn for real people. Again this is ofcourse only for those who have chefen this, and I totally get that alot of people might not be familier with the use of it as a pronoun. Thanks again for the great show:)

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